OCCares Holiday Celebration & Benefit Concert

Become Part of the Solution

“Impacting the world through compassion”

OCCares is a non-profit organization comprised of community and business leaders dedicated to raising up socially conscious youth through Project Y, a social Entrepreneurship Program designed for our youth.

Video highlights from previous events:

OCCares Walk Vision Video

OCCares Entertainer's Invitation to Join Video

Dr. Katherine Ahn & Mike Learakos on KCAL9

Founders Message:

I inherited the principles of Servant Leadership from my parents who have been lifelong Social Entrepreneurs. For more than two decades our family ’ s Jujube fruit orchards have supported my parent’ s ministerial work to uplift communities in China, India, Africa and Bangladesh.

While my parents have focused their work overseas, I chose to focus on the needs within my own community. Our Community Cares (OCCares) was born out of the same principles, to promote positive change through compassion. Our goal is to multiply our impact by supporting and enhancing the work of existing non-profit organizations and cultivating future compassionate leaders through Project Y, a club-based, student-driven youth social entrepreneurship program.

Our mission is to develop socially-responsible youth leaders while at the same time fulfilling service learning and volunteer requirements of their schools. We are currently in five high schools and are in the process of adding more. With your help, we can exponentially impact our world!

-Katherine Ahn Wallace, DDS

Founder & Board Chair, OCCares

If you would like to get involved with OCCares as a volunteer or donor, please email us at info@occares.org

OCCares is a 501c3 organization (46-2864414)