Growing Social Entrepreneurs

“Impacting the world through compassion”

OCCares is a non-profit organization comprised of community and business leaders dedicated to raising up socially conscious youth through Project Y, a social Entrepreneurship Program designed for our youth.

Video highlights from previous events:

OCCares Walk Vision Video

OCCares Entertainer's Invitation to Join Video

Dr. Katherine Ahn & Mike Learakos on KCAL9

Volunteers with Heart come together on Memorial Day Weekend to Make a Difference in OC Children’s lives!

Organizer:  This family-friendly fundraising event was organized by OCCares, a volunteer organization with a vision of promoting Unity, Charity and Compassion in Orange County. OCCares is fiscally sponsored by Charitable Ventures of Orange County.  The organization was founded by Dr. Katherine Ahn in Huntington Beach California on February 26, 2013.  Dr. Ahn and her husband Dr. Peter Newen operate The Image Center in Huntington Beach California and is donating space at their center for OCCares’ meetings & operation.  The board members are: Kenneth S. August, esq, Michael Kim, Karen Thomas, Anita Gibson and Angella Voskanian.  The event planning committee members were: Sandra Pena, Courtney Eskew, Alina Tolan, Mary Ann Pedersen, Dori Coetzee, Ashley Coetzee, Christina Voskanian & the 6 board members.  There were over 40 volunteers in total at the event.  See below for more information on OCCares’ Vision.

OCCares Motto:  You can Make a Difference!

Benefiting Organizations: Dr. Riba's Health Club (www.drribashealthclub.org), Giving Children Hope (www.gchope.org) and The Joyful Child Foundation (www.thejoyfulchild.org).  The guests and event participants were inspired by the stories and mission presentations of the three organizations.  Dr. Patricia Riba shared with the audience her passion for helping prevent childhood obesity and its co-morbities, Michael Kim shared how Giving Children Hope is helping over 1,500 children by delivering food weekly through their “We Got your Back” program, and Erin Runnion had the audience in tears with her story of how her daughter Samantha Runnion’s death 10 years ago motivated her to start The Joyful Child Foundation that is at the forefront of preventing crimes against children.  

Touching Story from the event:  As the evening drew to a close, one of the performers Sydney Danci desired to buy 1 raffle ticket in hopes that she could win the coveted raffle prize, the iPAD!  When her co-dancer friend Elise Newen discovered that Sydney did not have the $5 for the raffle ticket, she bought her the ticket.  As the girls were praying that Sydney will win the iPAD, the emcee announced that Sydney Danci was the winner of the iPAD.  Sydney was happy beyond imagination!  Sydney worked hard in not only preparing for her dance performance for the event but she worked even harder at supporting OCCares by going door to door in her neighborhood selling tickets and getting donation for OCCares.  Everyone agreed that the winning lot could not have fallen on a better more sweeter person and “It is more blessed to give then to receive” had a very happy ending!  

Event Highlights:  

Food:  Healthy food booths offered delicious vegetarian meals for the event guests and participants: Jamba Juice smoothie, Teavanna Tea, Nespresso espresso, vegetarian selections from Royal Restaurant & Banquet, tropical drink, fruit cups & vege hotdogs from the Garden Grove SDA Tonga Mission group and vegetarian dishes from OLAH (Optimal Lifestyle and Health) health and cooking program at Newenwellness.

Silent Auction & Raffle:  There were many generous donors that made this event possible.  The top raffle prize was an iPAD that was donated by Best Buys which Sydney Danci won*.  The list of the donors and sponsors can be found on www.occares.org

Entertainment:  The audience were in awe as at the beautiful music, acts and dancing were displayed.  Performers included, vocal artists Charmaine & Jonathan Thulin, talented young pianist Loren Kim, dancers from Southland Ballet Academy (Alice Danci, Bella Hoy, Elise Newen, Sarah Grant, Sammy Werle, Gaby Voskanian, Sydney Danci & Silvie Lybbert), vocalists Elise Newen and Keri Lynn Adams, actress Andrea Thomas, Garden Grove Drama Team under the direction of Sonny Angel Boloico and the Band of Friends “Galvantics” from CDM Guitar & Music Academy.  More information on the performers can be found on www.occares.org

Emcees:  Dr. Tracy Kemble & Pastor Garrett Speyer held the attention of the audience with their wit, intelligence and humor.  Dr. Tracy Kemble is a psychologist, author, speaker, an internationally recognized expert in life empowerment, founder of “Manifest This”, and founder of the WIN (Women In Need) Foundation and its supporting organization Mrs Globe Pageant.  Pastor Garrett Speyer is a dynamic, fun and caring youth pastor from Garden Grove SDA Church who started “The Way”, a youth ministry aimed at making life fun and meaningful.

Special Guests:  Councilman Chris Phan from the City of Garden Grove and Young Kim from the office of Congressman Ed Royce attended the event and encouraged all those present at the event.  Supervisor Janet Nguyen and Mayor Bruce Broadwater provided welcome letters and Supervisor Nguyen and Honorable Michelle Steel Park provided proclamations for the three benefiting organizations.  We are grateful for their support.  

Event Feedback:  The feedback from the event has been wonderful.  Many who attended the event told Dr. Ahn how wonderful the music and the children’s performances were and how they have been touched and inspired by the organizations that OCCares is raising funds for.  The children and the volunteers that participated in the event felt very blessed to have been a part of this beautiful event.  Everyone is talking about when the next event will be and how EVERYONE in OC should come and experience what they have experienced.  

It was a memorable day on a Memorial Day weekend!

OCCares Message to All

OC Cares is very blessed to have people who volunteer their time and talent to make a difference in Orange County.  Our 3 major goals are to promote Unity-Charity-and to multiply Compassion in Orange County.  Every year we will be hosting an OCCares Benefit Celebration-where we choose 3 outstanding charitable organizations and highlight them, let them share their stories, and give them a boost by raising funds for them.  There are some truly incredible people pouring their lives out for children, for people on the edge, and they just need more people to shine a spotlight on them.  We hope that this will become a wonderful community tradition that you will look forward to, celebrating and inspiring people to make a difference in the world, especially right here in one of the richest counties in the world but where some just have never had an opportunity.  Each of us has somebody in our lives who has pushed us or given us hope at some point in our lives - you can't have any more fun in life than to pass it on!  We'd love to have you help us have OCCares be one of the brightest of the "1000 points of light" in the world!

OCCares Benefit Celebration just 3 weeks away!

OCCares Benefit Celebration is only 3 weeks away.  The Event Planning Committee Members have been working very hard, meeting weekly at The Image Center in Huntington Beach, OCCares temporary meeting place.  The performers have all been learning and rehearsing their performance pieces to share with the supporters of the event.  Yesterday 2 of the dancers Sydney and Alice Danci, after a hard day of dance practice went door to door inviting their neighbors and friends to purchase the tickets to the event.  We were inspired by their desire to support the cause.

At our last week's committee meeting, Erin Runnion, the founder of The Joyful Child Foundation joined us and shared with us her compelling story of why and how she started the foundation.  The story of how she redirected her sorrow resulting from her daughter Samantha's tragic death 10 years ago to starting a foundation aimed at protecting other children from experiencing the same or similar pain touched all of our hearts.  She has a dream of reaching out to all children and caregivers through education on how to prevent crimes against children.  We are glad for the opportunity to support Erin Runnion and The Joyful Child Foundation.  

Tomorrow Dr. Patricia Riba from Dr. Riba's Health Club will be joining the committee to share with us on how she is touching the lives of children in need in Orange County and how she hopes to expand her reach more children.  We are looking forward to yet another inspiring evening.

Please email us at info@occares.org or call us at 714-756-0066 to reserve your tickets for this very special event.  

1st Annual OCCares Benefit Celebration Sunday, May 26th, 2013 4pm-8pm

We are launching our 1st Annual OCCares Benefit Celebration on May 26th, 2013 4:00pm-8:00pm at Orangewood Academy (Orangewood Academy Auditorium, 13732 Clinton Street, Garden Grove, CA 92843).  The key performers wil be Contemporary Christian Artists Charmaine and Jonathan Thulin presenting their Love War Tour concert.  We will also have local guest performers.  Please visit our Event page for details.  

About OCCares

OCCares is an all volunteer organization that has a vision of promoting Unity, Charity and Compassion.  

  • Unity by working together towards a common goal with people from various denominational, social and cultural backgrounds.  
  • Charity by enhancing the work of existing non-profit organizations that are committed to helping those in need in Orange County.  
  • Compassion by inspiring our children to love others and to use their time, talents and gifts to make this world a better place.   

About The Benefiting Organizations

  • Dr. Ribas Health Club (www.drribashealthclub.org):  Dr. Riba's Health Club provides comprehensive programs aimed at prevention and treatment of overweight, obesity, diabetes and Failure to Thrive conditions.
  • Giving Children Hope (www.gchope.org):  Giving Children Hope serves those in the cycle of poverty by providing them with the basic necessities of life to instill hope and dignity to their lives.  
  • The Joyful Child Foundation (www.thejoyfulchild.org):  The Joyful Child Foundation's goal is to prevent crimes against children through programs that educate, empower and unite families and communities

The Supporting Organizations

  • Garden Grove SDA Church
  • South OC Church
  • Southland Ballet Academy
  • CDM Guitar and Music Academy
  • Pacific Conservatory
  • Guard A Heart

The featured performers:

  • Charmaine & Jonathan Tulin with "Love War Tour" 

Other performers:

  • Dancers from Southland Ballet Academy
  • Galvantics (Band of Friends)
  • Elise Newen Vocal
  • Sanctuary Drama
  • Andrea Thomas Monologue
  • Surprise Acts


  • Dr. Tracy Kemble:  Writer, Speaker, Counselor and Founder of the WIN (Women In Need) Foundation and the Mrs Globe Pageant.  
  • Pastor Garrett Speyer:  Youth pastor of Garden Grove SDA Church and Founder of "The Way" ministry

If you would like to join our OCCares Event Planning Committee, volunteer at the event, or become our supporting organization, corporate sponsor or in-kind donor or media sponsor, please call Dr. Katherine Ahn at 714-756-0066.  We also welcome elected officials to join our event.  Please see details under the Event section of our website.

OCCares is a 501c3 organization (46-2864414)