Growing Social Entrepreneurs

“Impacting the world through compassion”

OCCares is a non-profit organization comprised of community and business leaders dedicated to raising up socially conscious youth through Project Y, a social Entrepreneurship Program designed for our youth.

Video highlights from previous events:

OCCares Walk Vision Video

OCCares Entertainer's Invitation to Join Video

Dr. Katherine Ahn & Mike Learakos on KCAL9

OCCares Message to All

OC Cares is very blessed to have people who volunteer their time and talent to make a difference in Orange County.  Our 3 major goals are to promote Unity-Charity-and to multiply Compassion in Orange County.  Every year we will be hosting an OCCares Benefit Celebration-where we choose 3 outstanding charitable organizations and highlight them, let them share their stories, and give them a boost by raising funds for them.  There are some truly incredible people pouring their lives out for children, for people on the edge, and they just need more people to shine a spotlight on them.  We hope that this will become a wonderful community tradition that you will look forward to, celebrating and inspiring people to make a difference in the world, especially right here in one of the richest counties in the world but where some just have never had an opportunity.  Each of us has somebody in our lives who has pushed us or given us hope at some point in our lives - you can't have any more fun in life than to pass it on!  We'd love to have you help us have OCCares be one of the brightest of the "1000 points of light" in the world!

OCCares is a 501c3 organization (46-2864414)