Growing Social Entrepreneurs

“Impacting the world through compassion”

OCCares is a non-profit organization comprised of community and business leaders dedicated to raising up socially conscious youth through Project Y, a social Entrepreneurship Program designed for our youth.

Video highlights from previous events:

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OCCares Entertainer's Invitation to Join Video

Dr. Katherine Ahn & Mike Learakos on KCAL9

OCCares Benefit Celebration just 3 weeks away!

OCCares Benefit Celebration is only 3 weeks away.  The Event Planning Committee Members have been working very hard, meeting weekly at The Image Center in Huntington Beach, OCCares temporary meeting place.  The performers have all been learning and rehearsing their performance pieces to share with the supporters of the event.  Yesterday 2 of the dancers Sydney and Alice Danci, after a hard day of dance practice went door to door inviting their neighbors and friends to purchase the tickets to the event.  We were inspired by their desire to support the cause.

At our last week's committee meeting, Erin Runnion, the founder of The Joyful Child Foundation joined us and shared with us her compelling story of why and how she started the foundation.  The story of how she redirected her sorrow resulting from her daughter Samantha's tragic death 10 years ago to starting a foundation aimed at protecting other children from experiencing the same or similar pain touched all of our hearts.  She has a dream of reaching out to all children and caregivers through education on how to prevent crimes against children.  We are glad for the opportunity to support Erin Runnion and The Joyful Child Foundation.  

Tomorrow Dr. Patricia Riba from Dr. Riba's Health Club will be joining the committee to share with us on how she is touching the lives of children in need in Orange County and how she hopes to expand her reach more children.  We are looking forward to yet another inspiring evening.

Please email us at info@occares.org or call us at 714-756-0066 to reserve your tickets for this very special event.  

OCCares is a 501c3 organization (46-2864414)