OCCares Holiday Celebration & Benefit Concert

Become Part of the Solution

“Impacting the world through compassion”

OCCares is a non-profit organization comprised of community and business leaders dedicated to raising up socially conscious youth through Project Y, a social Entrepreneurship Program designed for our youth.

Video highlights from previous events:

OCCares Walk Vision Video

OCCares Entertainer's Invitation to Join Video

Dr. Katherine Ahn & Mike Learakos on KCAL9

Become an OCCares Partner

OCCares is currently an all volunteer organization. We are committed to ensuring that all proceeds from our fundraising events will go to the causes that we are supporting.  However, in order for us to fulfill our mission of training our youth to become compassionate leaders and social entrepreneurs, we need a solid financial foundation to build our vision on.  Please consider joining us in fulfilling our mission by becoming one of our Core Financial Partners.  Unlike the the funds raised during a fundraising event, the funds specifically donated by our Core Financial Partners will go towards building a strong organizational infrastructure and obtaining a reasonably compensated Executive Director who will develop and operate a central volunteer organization that is focused on training our youth so that they can have the skills and tools to support the causes we are passionate about.

Friend ($100~$999): Listing on OCCares website

Ambassador ($1,000~2,499): Above + company logo on OCCares website + 2 VIP tickets to an OCCares event

Silver Partner (2,500~4,999): Above + company logo on OCCares social media sites + 4 VIP tickets to an OCCares event

Gold Partner (5,000~9,999): Above + banner ad on OCCares website for 1 year + 6 VIP tickets to an OCCares event

Platinum Partner (10,000~24,999): Above + press opportunities + 8 VIP tickets to an OCCares event

Diamond Partner (25,000~49,999): Above + logo on OCCares promotional materials & video(s) + 10 VIP tickets to an OCCares event

Visionary Partner (50,000+): Above + OCCares Project Y Scholarship in company name + 12 VIP tickets to an OCCares event

Community Parter: Listing on OCCares website + Opportunity to be chosen by a Project Y Club to receive OCCares support for 1 year.

For more information, please contact Dr. Katherine Ahn at info@occares.org or 714-756-0066

OCCares is a 501c3 organization (46-2864414)